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Maria Kosmidou, LLC, is a story of worlds coming together. This is a story of how GREECE met the USA, or how the USA met GREECE.

Maria's 20 years experience in the Fashion business, her passion for fashion and decoration since she was born, and her belief that taste and aesthetics are shaped just like personality (everything is a matter of culture and a continuous search for evolution) met with Keith's passion for culture and his willingness to promote everything authentic.

Keith comes from a different world with his chemical engineering background and 33 years experience in the chemical industry, and he fell in love with Greece, with a particular Greek (!), and the history behind the brands. Both of them feel there is always room to provide some of the finer things of life to our clients and customers.

A big thank you to the designers, to the buyers, to the influencers, and to the consumers for their trust. Enjoy!!

Maria and Keith

Maria Kosmidou